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PC / Laptop Repair, Upgrade & Installation

  • Hardware Upgrade for PC's and Laptops. Boost performance and responsiveness without the cost of buying new.
  • Hardware Diagnostics to identify faulty components. If your computer is not working quite right, maybe not even booting, all may not be lost! Bring it to us, we guarantee to find out what is wrong!
  • Virus & Spyware removal. Unsecured computers can easily become infected, bring it to us for complete removal, and for installation of Anti-Virus software to make sure your computer stays safe and secure!
  • Repairs and Replacement of Faulty Items. Has your laptop screen broke? Is your hard drive no longer working? We carry out and fix all kinds of repair work.
  • Computer not Starting? Forgotten your Windows Password? We can recover your data, and let you log back into your computer.
  • Data Recovery from Hard Drives, CD / DVD's or Pen Drives. We can also transfer all data from one Hard Disk onto another
  • Printer / Broadband & Internet set-up. If you are installing a printer / broadband for the first time and don't want the stress of configuring everything. Leave it to us.

Slow PC / Laptop

Is your PC / Laptop running a lot more slowly than when you first bought it? Bring it to us, we will provide hardware and software health checks, remove any viruses / malware, install 'license fee free' Anti-Virus software. You will get your PC / Laptop back running as quickly as the day you bought it!

New PC / Laptop

Does your new PC or Laptop come bundled with hoards of pre-installed software? Unsure if you need to leave it installed or it can safely be removed? Leave all the hassle us. We will remove all the unneccessary software, install critical updates and make sure your new PC / Laptop is safely proteced against all virus / malware threats. If you bring your old PC / Laptop to us as well, we will transfer all of your Videos, Pictures, Documents and software that you use.